At NINO® percussion, it is of utmost importance to ensure that all of our operations are being executed utilizing the highest possible level of environmental care and preservation. When buying a NINO® percussion instrument, you can be sure of this. You have our word.


For us it goes without saying that all kinds of trash like paper, cardboard, plastic, styrofoam, organic waste, etc. are separated. As a result of this, we are a member of the official German packaging regulations organization which controls the return of the sales, transport and outer packaging that needs to be licensed in a dual system. By this recirculation of paper, cardboard and synthetic materials, we have conserved 449,238 lb (203,771 kg) of CO2 in 2010 and 2011. This equals the emission of a car driving 799,132 miles (1,286,078 km).


To keep our electricity usage at a minimum level, all of the buildings are equipped with motion sensors in order that lights are not left on when our employees aren’t there. Additionally, a centralized lighting and machinery control panel prevents the unnecessary waste of electricity.


All of the electricity used in our facility is produced from renewable energies and comes from water power plants. By doing this we reduce the carbon monoxide emission, which the production of the electricity for our operations would cause if normal energies were used, from 200 tons per year down to zero.


Since 2003 we have operated our own photovoltaic power plants which have increasingly grown in size to this very day. Today all of our five solar facilities generate a total of 513,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This equals a CO2 conservation of 565,485 lb (256,500 kg). With this generated energy we are able to supply 170 households with electricity, or cover more than half of our own power consumption.

Protecting the environment is an essential part of what defines us and our day to day activities.


With a new e-car we are taking another important step towards an environmentally friendly future. The long-lasting lithium ion battery feeds the electrical driving unit of the e-car and offers eco-friendly driving enjoyment of about 80 km through saved energy.


Refuelling our new e-car is now possible at our on-site charging station. As a special service, visitors to our exhibition hall are allowed to refuel their e-cars for free. Just as with all of the power our company uses, we obtain the energy for the e-car from renewable resources.


All of the exhibition area of our new multipurpose hall gets heated by an air heat pump. The fans lead the outside air through the evaporator of the heat pump where the heat gets absorbed from the air. With the outside air there is always free environmental heat available and that makes it possible for us to abandon gas and heating oil. Additionally air heating pumps reduce pollutant and carbon emissions, are long-lasting, reliable and low-maintenance.


Since 2011 we have heated our new multipurpose hall with a pellet heater. Wood is a natural renewable source of energy which is ecologically commendable and converts the carbon-neutral power of the sun into heating energy. Besides that, wood is almost limitlessly available. Compared to other combustible materials, wood pellets emit the lowest carbon and particulate

E’ il nostro mondo, trattiamolo bene!


Prendendo seriamente atto delle nostre responsabilita abbiamo sviluppato un progetto per ridurre al minimo l impatto ambientale. Le nuove macchine per la tintura risparmiano oltre 90000 litri d acqua e per il risparmio dell energia elettrica abbiamo dotato tutte le luci di sensori di movimento e tutto lo stabilimento di pannelli solari

Questi ultimi generano energia elettrica che viene convogliata in 170 abitazioni adiacenti e le emissioni di monossido di carbonio sono state portate da 200 tonnellate per anno a zero. Tutta la carta e la plastica e riciclata!


La Thailandia ė la base per i nostri approvvigionamenti di legno. Questo perche il regno unito nell ultimo secolo importo’la hevea brasilensis dal Brasile in Asia per la produzione del Caucciu. La legge attua severi controlli sulle distese di piante da gomma, e prevede il taglio di una arbusto solo se preceduto dalla piantagione di un altro. In questo modo la salvaguardia del ambiente ė preservata..


Il legno ė parte importante della vita di tutti i giorni, ed ė presente nella maggior parte delle cose che ci circondando. Gli alberi dal canto loro sono alla base del nostro ecosistema e sono indispensabili per la nostra atmosfera. Tutti i prodotti della serie Nino sono fatti con legno derivante da piantagioni eco sostenibili , nel rispetto totale della legislatura CITIES .