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Children and musical instruments? 


New friends, new places,
New skills

While childen are growing up, they have their own doubts, fears and often, they feel insecure. It's not because parents can't manage it all, but because kids experience many new stimuli everyday, while they are discovering life itself.

Musical education and music itself can release emotions or calm emotions down. Music helps with falling asleep and helps with movement. It is very helpful and beneficial, because it influences kids in a positive way. Something that is probably not very well known is the fact that music greatly affects the cognitive development of children. When a child learns to play a musical intrument, he/she is not only learning how to play melodies, but your child is also training his/her brain.

Music has a positive effect on the child's brain in all aspects. It supports learning languages, because of the effect music has on the ears and how kids are listening. Children are training their memory and motory skills. Musical experiences integrate these different skills, simultaneously leading to the development of multiple neural connections in the childs brain.

What kind of instrument is the best to start with?

Whatever instrument - a kid can play all of them. I mean, you don't really know when it will be useful. Musical instrument teaching accelerates brain development in early childhood, especially in areas responsible for sound processing, language development, speech perception, and reading.

Neuroscientists found out, that: when children listen to music, it speeds up language development, reading, and other skills. The attention span, organization of thoughts, and regulation of behavior is positively affected. These skills are very important in both: school and adult life.

Also, children learning an instrument understand early that working hard on something will gradually improve that skill. This is a very important piece of knowledge for children, which can significantly affect their further and especially adult life.

We should all remind ourselves from time to time to be better listeners, better creators, and more open-minded in every situation. Only then we can be the best role model for our children.
- Lucia Nosko

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