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Agogô (Yoruba language) is a percussion idiophone in the music of the Yoruba, Igala, and Edo peoples of Nigeria, consisting of two elongated cone-shaped metal bells connected by a bracket. From Nigeria, the agogô eventually reached South America in Brazilian and Cuban music.


Bongo Cajon
The Bongo Cajon is a Cajon based on the concept of a Bongo. In other words, a fusion of the two. The Bongo Cajon has a low and a high tone just like traditional bongos but with a woody sound of a cajon.


The Cabasa or Cabaça (Portuguese: bottle gourd) is a percussion instrument from Latin America. The Afro-Brazilian archetype of the vessel rattle consists of the fruit body of a bottle gourd, to which a handle is attached. The surface of the calabash is covered with a net of fruit seeds or beads. The modern Cabasa is derived from the original instrument called Afuche ('gourd rattle'). It is composed of a wooden or plastic handle with a cylindrical head and a surrounding profiled sheet. The sheet metal is studded with close-fitting metal bead chains, which enables precise percussive sounds.
Castanets (after the French word castagnettes, Spanish castañuelas) are shell-shaped, usually wooden clappers about five centimeters in diameter to be played in pairs, intended for rhythmic accompaniment.
The Caxixi is a vessel rattle woven from bast fibre and filled with pebbles or seeds. A calabash disc is incorporated into the bottom of the caxixi. The caxixi is moved up and down or twisted when played so the filling hits either the bottom or the basket.  Depending on the way it's played, a high, sharp, soft or deep tone can be achieved.
Claves, also called rumba woods, are wooden percussion rods used in pairs to create a sharp tone that accents or defines rhythmic patterns. These two round wooden rods of equal length, popularized by Latin American music, produce a dry, cutting sound.


The Güiro, or Guiro, (Spanish, "bottle gourd") is a long and hollow percussion instrument made of wood or metal with a ridged surface where a stick or scraper is dragged across.  The guiro is common in musical styles of Central America.


Also known as the Thumb Piano, Kalimbas create soothing melodic tones and are tuned to a specific scale where all the notes complement each other—this means you will never play a wrong note.


A mallet (or beater) is an object used to strike a percussion instrument in order to produce its sound.  Mallet heads can be made of different materials such as rubber or felt.
Maracas are South and Central American percussion rattles that belong to the idiophone group. This percussion instrument consists of a hollow body with a granular filling.  A handle or stem is attached to the body.
NINO Percussion offers some instruments, such as congas, bongos, cajons, in miniature sizes. The typical features were reproduced in great detail to replicate the standard version in a fun and novel size.


The Rainmaker or Rainstick is a tubular vessel rattle used as an effect instrument. The Rainmaker originates from the north of Chile. Its origin is the very dry Atacama region, where it was first built and used for rain ceremonies by the Diaguitas Indians in the Elqui Valley.

The conventional way of tuning a Djembe head is the rope tuning technique. First, the skin is placed on the Djembe. Then a tight ring of rope is placed around it to form a stable frame. Vertical ropes are attached to this ring at regular intervals to add tension to the skin.


Slaptop Cajon
In the patented T-shaped Slaptop Cajon, the playing surface has moved from the classic vertical position to a horizontal position. This means you can play comfortably while seated upright by simply holding the instrument between both legs.
A sleigh bell (or jingle bell) is a type of bell that produces a rich 'jingle' sound most associated with the holiday season.  Sleigh bells find use in many areas as a percussion instrument, adding layers of sound or to accent rhythms.


True Feel

The True Feel Head is a synthetic and robust head for different drums at NINO Percussin such as Hand Drums.

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