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Nino Percussion


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Wood Frogs

The NINO® Percussion Wood Frog Güiro is hollow inside with a ribbed back that creates a "ribbit" sound when you drag the scraper over it. The look of the instrument makes it fun to play for children. It produces a warm, mellow tone that blends with other instruments in a classroom setting, or children can enjoy playing it around the house. Includes wooden scraper.


The eight wooden tongues produce different pitches when they are struck separately, like playing a xylophone. By stirring in the drum with the included beater a scale can be played.

  • Cutting A-Go-Go Like Sound
  • Ribbed Playing Surfaces For Güiro Effect
  • Eight Different Pitches
  • Ergonomically Shaped Handle


NINO® Percussion Maracas produce clear sounds and are easy to play with their comfortable handles. Made from durable 100% all-weather synthetic material that's easy to clean. Great for classroom music. Sold in pairs.

steel tounge drums

The NINO® Percussion is the Small Steel Tongue Drum with pre-tuned notes for any young musician or teacher to play. This 7” diameter drum can be played by anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill. Great for younger children learning about music or for teachers to use as a signal to corral a classroom. Its pre-tuned scale means there are no wrong notes, and the sound is mellow and soothing (like a soft steel pan drum).  Includes a transportation bag and two soft rubber mallets for a full and tranquil tone.

Brass marching cymbals

Made in Germany

NINO® Percussion Brass Handheld Cymbals are made from a durable brass alloy to produce warm musical tone that blends with other instruments. Includes leather straps designed for children to hold comfortably. Available as a cymbal pair or individual.

Rhythm Sets

Get a range of percussion sounds in one set with the NINO® Percussion Mixed Rhythms Sets. This set contains a mix of pieces designed to help teach young musicians about percussion with hands-on use of real, fun-to-play rhythm instruments. Great for the classroom or at home. Suitable for 10 kids.

Egg Shaker Sets

NINO® Percussion Shaker Sets combine different shaker shapes, colors and sounds that are great for classrooms or playing at home. These shakers are easy to create rhythm with and are fun for groups. Their durable, all-weather synthetic construction is designed to last. Suitable for 12 kids.

Bell stick set

The NINO® Percussion Bell Stick with wood handle delivers classic, rich sleigh bell sounds in an easy-to-play design. The light steel bell responds with a musical shimmer that works great as a percussion accent in classroom music settings. Suitable for 12 kids.

wrist bell set

The NINO® Percussion  Wrist Bell features a soft and comfortable nylon strap with three bells. Children can wear it around their wrist or wrapped around their hand to make music everywhere they go. Suitable for 12 kids.

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